VooMote One - Universal Remote Control

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Vývojář: zero1.tv

This application requires VooMote One hardware, which is currently available all over Europe from www.voomote.tv.
VooMote One will launch in the US in August 2011.
You can already test the VooMote One app and see for yourself how easy the setup and usage of VooMote One is. Please check www.voomote.tv for further information.

VooMote One turns your iPhone into a universal remote control. With a guided setup process you can configure devices such as TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, Cable/ Satellite boxes and many more within minutes. The clutter of several remote controls will soon be a thing of the past.

VooMote One includes a broad database of infrared-electronic devices, with codes to control hundred of thousands of devices. In the unlikely case that a device won’t be detected automatically, it can learn the commands from the original remote control as well.

Features in this version:

Easy-Setup-Wizard: Easy setup wizard with its step-by-step guidance lets you configure VooMote One within minutes.

One Touch: Start a whole sequence of commands – with a single button.

Edit Remote Controls: Personalize your VooMote One – rearrange, add or delete Buttons just the way you like it.

One View: In a single view you may combine the buttons of multiple devices. E.g. zapping on a set-top box and volume control of your TV.

Room Control: Creating rooms makes it easy to manage multiple devices.

Updateable database: VooMote One is future-proof and will even work with devices that haven’t been built yet.

Teach-In: VooMote One learns from the original remote control. You control any infrared device available on the market.